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    Why Wax?

    In the warm months of July and August, everyone is taking full advantage of the sunshine and water sprinkles. Yet bikini season forces us to reveal not only our abs (or beer bellies) but also our skin. Everyone agrees that clear, silky smooth skin is healthy and attractive. Exposing your skin, however, also means fighting unsightly body hair. Today, body waxing is recognized as one of the best and easiest hair removal practices. Read on to find out why…

    The Benefits of Body Waxing

    • Immediate results. As soon as the body waxing is done, you will have a beautiful, hair-free skin. The process is simple, quick, and efficient leaving you ready for everything the summer has to offer.
    • Long term results. If done regularly, full body waxing destroys the hair follicle, over time significantly minimizing all aspects of hair growth. The hair that grows back comes up thinner and less frequently.
    • Exfoliation. You probably exfoliate your face on a weekly basis, but did you know that hair waxing has the same effect on your skin? For those out of the loop: exfoliation means removal of the top skin level which contains dead cells. Cosmetologists recommend exfoliating once to two times per week to attain a smoother, brighter skin as well as to get easier cream penetration.
    • Time commitment. After your trip to the salon, you won’t have to touch the waxed area for 2-3 weeks! Hair waxing is a more permanent form of hair removal that will keep your skin smooth and silky soft for almost a month. In addition, a waxing treatment spares you the trouble of dedicating daily 10 minutes to shaving.
    • Beautiful skin. Unlike other depilatory methods, hair waxing leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch. It also reduces the embarrassment and irritation from the stubble since the hair takes a longer time to resurface.

    Who, What, When & Where – Aesthetic Medical Network waxing?

    Anyone can get the hair waxing service, regardless of age and gender. Girls as young as 12 can have an esthetician clean up their eyebrows while women in their 80s may enjoy a body waxing treatment coupled with a relaxing facial. Aesthetic Medical Network waxing has recently been growing among the male clientele as well. It is not unusual for men to head to the salon for depilation services; in fact, they make up 20-40% of the client base in some salons.

    What can be waxed? Virtually anything that has hair! Aesthetic Medical Network waxing services for women include full and half arms, full and half legs, bikini & Brazilian waxing, armpits, chin, lip, and others. Waxing services for men include chest and back waxing. Both genders frequent salons for eyebrow waxes to improve their appearance as well as to look well-kept and professional.

    Summertime is usually a busy time for cosmetologists. However, many people get hair removal services during the winter, especially for the eyebrow wax. Special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, or even new boyfriends also send customers to get their waxing done. In addition, many people opt for the service before leaving on vacation, both in the summer and winter.

    Don’t let unwanted hair keep you from heading to the beach! For a list of Aesthetic Medical Network’s waxing services, click here.