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    Waxing For Men*

    For waxing we use a special wax and all our staff are experienced qualified licensed wax technicians.
    All equipment and instruments are thoroughly sterilized before every treatment and we use disposable products for quality hygiene.Waxing is a temporary hair removal, it grows back from 2-4 weeks and it is recommended to book your visits in advance.

    Body Waxing vs. Shaving
    Those looking for the best hair removal service usually arrive to these top two options: shaving and hair waxing. Below we have attempted to objectively evaluate both treatments. Read on to see both sides of the issue and determine the optimum service for you.

    The Pain Factor

    While shaving is relatively pain free, if you are new to waxing, you will probably experience some stinging at first. The good news is that the more often you wax, the less it hurts. However, shaving, too, can yield unsightly and painful razor bumps, which brings us to the next point… Read more

    *results can vary based on individual conditions

    Body Waxing Price

    Eye Brow Shape$14
    1/2 Back$25
    Full Back$29
    Full Arm$35
    Full Leg$60