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    Sclerotherapy Procedure Long Island*

    Millions of women are bothered by unsightly spider veins – those small clusters of purplish, red or blue veins that commonly occur on the thigh or leg. Sclerotherapy involves injecting the spider vein with a tiny microneedle. This is a common cosmetic procedure that requires experience, skill and knowledge of the vascular system. Multiple sessions may be required.

    What is sclerotherapy

    Sclerotherapy is a treatment for the removal of spider veins and smaller varicose veins. Veins are injected with a sterile chemical sclerant, which irritates the vessel’s lining, making it become inflamed, harden, and eventually fade away completely. Blood circulation is carried out through healthy veins located deeper within the body, so the outward appearance and sometimes pain associated with the problem veins is significantly reduced.

    What are spider veins?

    Spider veins, or telangiectasias, are tiny veins that constantly look dilated. Caused by weak vascular walls and inefficient circulation, spider veins cause no health problems but many people feel they look unappealing. Spider veins can sometimes resemble a spider: a large dark spot with thin veins radiating out of it, or they may appear in other patterns and variations in different places in the body. Frequently occurring in the legs, spider veins can be dark or lighter shades of blue, purple, or red.

    How is the procedure performed?

    The treatment area will be sterilized, then the doctor will begin injecting the sclerosant into first the larger veins, then smaller ones, monitoring the progress of the chemical throughout the process.  For every inch of vein treated, one injection will likely be administered. Since the injection needle is so small, patients often feel little pain and do not need any anesthesia. The injection process typically is complete in just 15 to 30 minutes.

    How many sclerotherapy treatments are required?

    The number of sessions required depends on the depth, number, and size of the veins being treated. While some patients are happy with the results after just one treatment, others may desire further injections for the optimal effect. These follow up treatments should be spaced at least four weeks apart so that the affects of the previous treatment can be accurately evaluated before injecting more. Patients can determine the amount of treatments they may need and the cost associated with them by discussing their situation with their specialist.

    *results can vary based on individual conditions

    Sclerotherapy procedure prices
    Sclerotherapy procedure – 15 minutes session$249

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    We use Sotradecol® which is the only FDA approved sclerosing agent used for the treatment of spider veins.
    All injectables are administered by Dr. Steven J. Brooks, Board-Certified Dermatologist

    “Individual results may vary”

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