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    Vascular Treatments*

    Aesthetic Medical Laser System is becoming quite a popular treatment to address skin concerns such as sun damage, collagen depletion, freckles, redness, skin texture or even assist in clearing up acne. Vascular treatments that use FDA approved Laser System is appealing to most clients due to the fact there is no down time needed compared to ablative skin resurfacing treatments which can leave you hiding for up to 2 weeks. The professional Laser Technicians at Aesthetic Medical will assist you in the best possible treatment plan and will go above and beyond in assuring you reach your desired results.

    Vascular Treatments Prices
     Per-TreatmentPackage of 3 Treatments
    Full face$200$495
    Half face$120$295
    Cheek and Nose$100$250


    “Individual results may vary”

    Frequently Asked Question

    How it works?

    A beam of light is transmitted through a small, smooth, flat glass hand piece which is gently placed on the skin. During the treatment, the Laser System wave length is absorbed into target are being the broken capillaries .It has a heating effect on the target causing it to disperse.

    How does it feel?

    You may feel a sting, like the snapping of a small rubber band each time the Laser System is applied to the skin, although the Laser System head does have built in cooling so this will take away from any discomfort you may experience in the skin and make the treatment more pleasant.

    What to expect?

    Immediately following the treatment, your skin may feel quite warm and may have a stinging sensation like sunburnt skin, which will calm down over a couple of hours, this is a desired reaction as we want to successfully heat the skin to the point of having a successful effect on the target area.

    What areas can I treat?

    Most common areas to treat are face, nose and cheek areas. Please Note: the desired area for treatment needs to be out of the sun for 4-6 weeks prior treatment and then continually throughout the rest of treatment.

    How many treatments are recommended?

    We recommend 3-6 treatments, there is a 1-2 week waiting period between each treatment, but you do often see improvements after each session.

    *results can vary based on individual conditions

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