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    Acne Treatment*

    Laser acne treatment reveals the radiant complexion beneath by reversing any signs of aging caused by sun exposure, smoking, diet or stress over the years.  Most importantly, laser treatment for acne effectively reduces the presence of this common skin condition amongst adolescents and adults alike. Smooth, even skin after laser treatment can improve self-esteem and confidence.

    The Aesthetic Medical Laser System Skin Rejuvenation treatment program dramatically reduces signs of aging such as spots and discoloration with the latest dermatological technology. Laser treatment is a natural way to counteract aging by stimulating collagen production in the dermis. This process only affects the treatment area without harming the skin’s surface or causing damage. After the full treatment, clients notice that their skin is smoother, firmer, and signs of aging have either been eliminated or reduced significantly.

    Aesthetic Medical Laser System is a popular natural acne treatment.  The acne scar laser treatment can diminish scarring or even make it disappear. Ablative skin resurfacing treatments can be erosive as they destroy the dermis, causing a redness that can leave you hiding for up to two weeks.  With a skin rejuvenation or pigmentation treatment that uses a FDA approved Laser System, there is no down-time. Personal consultations between clients and professional laser technicians at Aesthetic Medical ensure that they recieve the best possible treatment plan customized to their needs. Professionals at Aesthetic Medical will go above and beyond to ensure you reach your desired results in treating these common skin conditions:

    Acne and acne scars
    Sun damage
    Collagen depletion
    Uneven skin texture
    Fine lines
    Mottled pigmentation
    Larger pores
    Redness and symptons of Rosacea.

    Acne Treatment Prices
     Per-TreatmentPackage of 3 Treatments
    Full face$200$495
    Half face$120$295
    Upper Back$250$595



    “Individual results may vary”

    “I am in love! I am so impressed with my treatments and staff at Aesthetic Medical Network, I felt it should be shared with patients who are on the hunt for an excellent clinic for acne treatment. I did their European facial with follow up FotoFacial and am already thrilled” …read more

    Frequently Asked Question

    How it works?

    Laser treatment technology instantly reveals a clearer complexion by transmitting a beam of light through a small, smooth, flat glass hand piece that is gently placed on the surface of the skin. Excess surface oil absorbs waves emitted from the Laser System, causing a reaction that addresses the problem area while simultaneously destroying bacteria.

    How does it feel?

    Although the Laser System is a relatively less painful way to permanently treat undesired skin conditions, you may feel a slight sting like the snapping of a small rubber band each time the Laser System is applied to the skin. However, the Laser System head has a built in cooling mechanism that counteracts any discomfort you may experience in the skin, making the treatment more pleasant.

    What to expect?

    Unlike other treatments that can take weeks to recover from, this Laser System on requires a couple of hours for your skin to calm down. Immediately following the treatment, your skin may feel quite warm and may have a stinging sensation like sunburnt skin. This feeling goes away relatively quickly as you begin to notice the results.

    What areas can I treat?

    You can treat any area on the skin where acne or the other skin conditions listed above is present. Please Note: the desired area for treatment needs to be out of the sun for 4-6 weeks prior treatment and then continually throughout the rest of treatment.

    How many treatments are recommended?

    We recommend 3-6 treatments; there is a 2-3 week waiting period between each treatment.

    *results can vary based on individual conditions

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