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    Ultrasound Fat Reduction*

    Ultrasound is the latest revolution in fat removal technology that does not involve medical intervention or surgery. There is no need for anesthetics, no need for time off work and no visits to the hospital. The cost of the procedure is very inexpensive compared the thousands of dollars you could spend on liposuction. By using the latest cavitation technology, it allows for non-invasive removal of stubborn fat deposits that are very problematic to shift no matter how much you exercise or alter your diet. The areas of the body that are most successful with Ultrasound are the most troublesome areas such as the: – abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, inner knees, upper arm. There is no ‘down-time’ meaning you can exercise immediately and/or go back to work following the procedure.

    “Cavitation is a natural occurring phenomenon that is based on low frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound field produces the bubbles in the liquid, which gradually grow, and implode at certain size. The energy in the form of heat (minor effect) and pressure wave (major effect) is released. As the membranes of fat cells do not have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations, the effect of cavitation easily breaks them, while sparing the vascular, nervous and muscular tissue”. After disruption of adipose cells (fat cells), the broken fat in the form of triglycerides is released into the interstitial fluid between the cells, where they are enzymatically metabolized to glycerol and free fatty acids. Water soluble glycerol is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as the energy source, whereas the insoluble free fatty acids are transported to the liver and processed as fatty acids from food.

    Ultrasound Fat Reduction Procedure Prices
     Per-TreatmentPre-Pay 5 Get 1 FREE
    Upper Arms$195$975


    “Individual results may vary”

    Frequently Asked Question

    What do I expect?

    The ultrasound fat reduction treatment does not require any specific pre-treatment however we ask you to follow the summary written at the end of this article. The treatment begins with circumference measurement of the target body area and then continues with circular movements of the ultrasound head applicator over the treatment site.

    How long does it take?

    The treatment session is usually around 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area and the thickness of the fat layer. 5-10 sessions in total with at least 4 day intervals are recommended in order to achieve the best result – further subsequent treatments may be needed to attain your desired body shape.

    What do I feel?

    Generally clients consider the procedure painless however there may be slight discomfort mainly due to the specific noise spreading inside your body however this has no harm to the body and disappears as soon as you are not in contact with the Ultrasound head applicator. Most clients experience warmth during the treatment. If it turns hot, immediately request some extra ultrasound gel to be applied.

    Occasionally there is a possibility of mild side effects such as transient redness or excessive thirst immediately after the treatment which can be resolved by drinking filtered water. They are all short-term effects that disappear in few hours to few days. If not please contact your therapist

    How safe is it?

    Studies have shown the treatment safe however the Ultrasound procedure is not be used in clients with an acute illness, compromised liver function, severe bleeding tendencies, pace makers, or during pregnancy. Your therapist will take a full case history.


    To maximize the effects of your treatment please ensure you: Drink 2 liters of filtered or spring water before and after treatment. (Not soda or carbonated water ) Follow a Low GI diet with protein with every meal Exercise for at least half an hour following each treatment (preferably within 6 hours of the treatment) to stimulate lymphatic activity and follow a suitable daily exercise plan Skin brush daily before showering in between treatments. No alcohol for 48 hours after treatment. No hot shower (warm is ok), bath or sauna after the Ultrasound treatment.

    *results can vary based on individual conditions

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