What our clients say about us

 “Going to Aesthetic Medical has changed my life. I no longer have to worry about removing my hair daily by shaving. I’ll never have to worry about shaving cuts or rashes again.”



“My main reason I chose to go to Aesthetic Medical was to look my best.
It mostly means looking refreshed, well rested and not “overdone”.
After seeing a Doctor my new look is completely natural, and with
frown lines gone…I look healthier and well rested. ”



“I was nervous about having laser hair removal but after going to Aesthetic Medical Network I never looked back. Aesthetic Medical has a professional and friendly environment. I felt truly comfortable and the place is lovely.



“I’m happy with the results, and more importantly, I feel comfortable
with Doctors at Aesthetic Medical as I can always count on being there for me if I need
to call post-procedure and discuss any questions I may have.”



“It’s just amazing. I used to suffer tremendously from ingrown and now I have a perfectly smooth and clear bikini line, not to mention hair free. Going to the beach has become a pleasure and not an embarrassment.”



“My facial hair used to keep me a prisoner in my own home. It was so embarrassed and would never leave the house until I got waxed. I found that I had also lost my self-esteem and the hair was limiting my social life. After just few visit to Aesthetic Medical, I was amazed. The hairs grew back thinner and were less noticeable. My self-esteem has risen and I now have the social life I’ve been dreaming of. “  Thanks